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Ferroplast UV-C Air Disinfectants

A unique UV sanitization solution which can be used in human presence!

RoliCare UV-C Air Purification Systems for Air Disinfection

UVC air disinfectant systems are a preferred choice for sanitization when it comes to industries around the world. Their applications are widely visible in the healthcare, commercial, industrial, as well as in residential sphere. Get high-quality UVC air disinfection system online from Rolicare. The UV lights inside the disinfection system sanitizes the air without leaving any harmful bi-products.

Why Ferroplast UV-C Air Disinfectant ?

Kills 99.99% Bacteria and Virus in air in minutes

Ultraviolet-C has been the industry standard for sanitisation for more than half a century. Ferroplast UV-C brings this technology to disinfect indoor air and to step up your sanitization to next level !!!

  • Designed in Russia
  • Suitable for continuous operation in the presence of people
  • Safe for humans, plants and animals
  • Ozone free*
  • Dust filtration of up to 10 microns
  • Selling widely in European markets since 2018
  • Suitable for all types of indoor spaces
  • 8 different models for varied needs
  • Lifetime of lamps of 9000 hours (~4 years)
  • Portable
  • Negligible noise level
  • Dedicated service team
  • 1 year warranty

Advantages over filter based traditional air purifiers

Ferroplast UV-C Air Disinfectant

  • Destroys 99.99% bacteria and virus irrespective of the size
  • Uses a strong dose of UV. to destroys 99.99% bacteria and virus in air inside closed chamber make it safe to use in human presence
  • lifecycle of lamps is ~ 4 years. Lamp replacement cost after 4 years is less than INR 5,000/-
  • Works with full efficiency for 4 years with no hassel of replacing components.

Filter based traditional air purifiers

  • Can filter only upto 0.3 micron size of particles
  • Filters may become a source of contamination itself due to re-growth of microbes inside it
  • Filters need to be replaced after every 4 months ,resulting in maintenance expense of ~36000 for 4 years !!
  • Not replacing filters will make them useless

Over 3 lakh + customers worldwide

Ferroplast UV-C Air Disinfectant have been selling widely in European markets since 2018

In The News

Hospitals and healthcare environments, rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, nursing homes demand and require clean air. These spaces can be the breeding ground for airborne contaminants, such as fungi, viruses, spores, parasites, bacteria, etc. Ferroplast UVC disinfection / germicidal device are environment-friendly, safe, and affordable solution, offering the best care and drastic improvement in the air quality. There are renowned brands that have come up with their version of UV air disinfections online in India. This technology help effectively protect and preserve the staff and workforce from the harmful effects of contaminated air. If you are perplexed with the plethora of options available for UV air disinfection system online, then trust us. We offer high-quality and reliable germicidal lights, air purification systems, and much more!


What is UV-C ?

Ultraviolet radiation is a part of electromagnetic spectrum that falls between visible light and x-rays. This invisible radiation covers wavelength range of 100nm to 400 nm. UV-C is a shorter wavelength light and is capable of damaging RNA/DNA of pathogens’ thus leaving them unable to cause diseases. UV light can further be subdivided into 4 regions: Far UV, UVA, UVB and UVC.

  • 100 nm to 200 nm

    Far UV or vacuum UV (these wavelengths propagate only in vacuum)

  • 200 nm to 280 nm

    UVC – useful for disinfection and sensing applications

  • 280 nm to 315 nm

    UVB – useful for medical applications

  • 315 nm to 400 nm

    UVA (near UV) – useful for printing, curing, lithography, sensing and medical applications


How is UV Light Used for Air Purification and Air Disinfection?

The UV-C light damages the DNA/RNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. The UVC radiation is strongly absorbed by the nucleic acids of a microorganism, damaging the genetic material in the nucleus of the cell or nucleic acids in the virus. This process inactivates the microorganisms . The device is safe to use in human presence and special polycarbonate cover ensures the UV-C light is not released into the room. When you wish to buy a UV air disinfection system online, be sure to buy the one that meets your specific requirement. Now, it is easy to buy one for you, purchase UVC air disinfectant online in India with us.


How our UV-C based Air Disinfectant works

Our innovative UV-C based Air Disinfectant are designed to kill maximum bacteria and viruses without being harmful to humans, plants and animals, by keeping the UV-C within the specially coated chamber. It works like an air purifier by intaking the infected air in the room, but instead of just a physical filter, it uses a strong dose of UV-C radiation to disinfect that air of various bacterias and virus. It finally releases the clean air back into the room. Through this air disinfectant process & careful encasing of the product, the UV radiation stays inside the product and never comes in contact with people in the room.


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Product Range

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Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 2S Best Seller

Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 2S

  • Suitable Room Size : 200 ft2
  • Dimensions : 75.5x11.5x17 cm
  • Lamps : 2 x 15W
  • Capacity : : 60m3/h
  • Weight : 4.5Kg
  • Display
  • Elegant Design
  • Timer Function

Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 2L

Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 2L

  • Suitable Room Size : 300ft2
  • Dimensions : 120x17.5x14.5 cm
  • Lamps : 2 x 30W
  • Capacity : 90m3/h
  • Weight : 6Kg
  • Display
  • Elegant Design
  • Timer Function

Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 15S

Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 15S

  • Suitable Room Size : 200 ft2
  • Dimensions : 68.5x13x14 cm
  • Lamps : : 2 x 15W
  • Capacity : 60m3/h
  • Weight : 5.5Kg
  • Minimalistic Design

Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 30L

Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 30L

  • Suitable Room Size : 300 ft2
  • Dimensions : 110.5x15x15 cm
  • Lamps : 2 x 30W
  • Capacity : 90m3/h
  • Weight : 6Kg
  • Minimalistic Design

Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 3P Limited Stock

Ferroplast UV Air Disinfection Unit 3P

  • Suitable Room Size : 400 ft2
  • Dimensions : 88.5x35.5x15.5 cm
  • Lamps : 3 x 15W
  • Capacity : 75m3/h
  • Weight : 8Kg
  • Dust Filter
  • Hybrid Technology
  • LCD Display

Frequently Asked Questions

  • UVC light for air purification or sanitization is used by hospitals as an addition to the standard disinfection regimens to cut the infection rates as much as possible. Hospitals use an ultraviolet air purification system that uses the germicidal wavelength of 254nm to attack the airborne pollutants and mold spores.

  • UV disinfection air purifier effectively inactivates the microorganisms in the air, by damaging theie DNA . This sterilizer effectively retards the process of cell replication. Damaged DNA leaves them unable to replicate and unable to spread disease.

  • Tests conducted by NABL accredited labs for a room size of 350sq. ft showed that Ferroplast UV-C Air Disinfectant is capable of destroying 99.99% bacteria and virus in air in 40 minutes. The healthcare and medical facilities were amongst the first to embrace the germicidal effect of ultraviolet air purification systems, and have been historically used for the disinfection of operating theaters.

  • As long as standard electronic protocols are maintained and there is no physical damage, there are no known dangers associated.

  • As long as standard electronic protocols are maintained and there is no physical damage, there are no known dangers associated.

  • As long as standard electronic protocols are maintained and there is no physical damage, there are no known dangers associated.

  • UV-C is a form of invisible light, hence human eyes cannot detect it. The device is made up of special material that keeps harmful radiation within the device. If however, the device is broken there is a harm of direct exposure. In that case please request for the repair of the device immediately.

  • Since the virus is airborne, any air-circulators, like air conditioners etc, (which does not sanitise the air from the viruses, could be harmful as it could further spread the virus in the room. Reference

  • WHO has issued guideline that UV lamps should not be used which comes directly in contact with skin, eyes as it can cause severe damage (Reference). These devices ensures that no harmful UV-C radiations come in contact of humans.

Testing & Certifications
  • Closed rooms with different sizes are infected with equivalent pathogen, either at regular interval or only once in the beginning. The amount of pathogens in the room are compared at a regular intervals when the device is turned on and compared with the results when the device is turned off.

Technical Specifications & Maintenance
  • After approximately 9000 hours of operation

  • For any doubt, contact service provider. Usually if there is any physical damage unusual noise or loss of usual illumination, contact the service provider immediately

  • 30 W Germicidal produces 8 W of useful germicidal light, while rest is lost in heat and illumination. Further the effective output of the lamp could further decrease due to humidity, voltage fluctuation etc, which will limit the output slightly. Such behaviour is observed across all types of germicidal lamps. With this taken into account, the device is designed for air to be exposed for enough time which ensures sufficient dosage is given to neutralise the pathogens. It is to be noted without sufficient dosage a pathogen may not get deactibvated and still have the capacity to repair or multiply up to infectious level.

  • Yes! Adding additional device with appropriate capacity in a close/open room when placed optimally, which allows maximum air flow will improve the speed of sterility of the room. However we do advice that in an open room settings (where potentially contagious people may enter or leave the room frequently), other precautions like (and not limited to), masks, social distancing etc. must be maintained in order to avoid any cross contamination.

  • Yes, but the device should not be kept continuously in operation for more than 168 hour.

  • Ozone (O3) is produced by wavelength of < 200 nm, which is absorbed by the glass inside. These devices are designed to have peak intensity at a wavelength of 254 nm. Hence Ozone generation is negligible. As per international guidelines concentration of Ozone in air must be less than 0.05 ppm by volume (0.10 mg/m3). The test conducted showed Ozone concentration did not increase above 0.01 mg/m3 after 90 min of operation and practically unobserved. For more details by the test conducted on the device for the same, please contact us.
    Ozone Guidelines
    Ozone Regulations

  • Yes. Our devices uses special materials and coating to prevent it from degrading